Ayurveda Health Expo-2021

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Ayurveda Health Expo-2021

Date of Event             :           9th to12th December 2021.

Location of Event       :           Dhanvantari Sports Grounds, Jamnagar.

Sponsored by              :           Minsitry of AYUSH, Govt.of India.

Organized by              :           Institute for Teaching and Research in Ayurveda (ITRA)


In the part of 6th Ayurveda Day Celebrations, ITRA has declared the Present Expo on 9th to12th December 2021 to be conducted for Spreading the awareness in common public on ‘Ayurveda for Poshan’. The Current Ayurveda Health Expo was solely sponsored and supported by Ministry of AYUSH, Govt.of India.

The Expo was inaugurated by Acharya ShreeKrishnamanijiMaharaj, JagadguruAcharya (Religious Head) of Shri Krishna PranamiSampradaya in the august presence of Dr. SaurabhPardhi IAS, District Collector, Jamnagar and accompanied by ShriVijaykumarL.Kharadi IAS, Commissioner, Jamnagar Municipal Corporation on 9th December 2021. Even though the Present Member of Parliament for Jamnagar Smt. Poonam ben Madam couldn’t able to visit our Expo by accepting our request she sent her wishes in the form of Letter of appreciation to us. Smt. BinabenAshokbhai Kothari, Mayor, Jamnagar Municipal Corporation visited the Expo on the evening of 9th and add a special remarks with her appreciation in the conducting of the event. Shri.VikrambhaiArjanbhaiMaadam, MLA, Khambaliya and Ex MP of Jamnagar Visited the expo on 10th December 2021 and expressed his interest in the field of Ayurevdic Medicines and Sector. On the day of 12th December 2021 ShriRaghavjibhaiHansrajbhai Patel, Cabinet Minister of Agriculture and Animal husbandry, Govt. of Gujarat visited with great interest by accepting our invitation and guided us to do more activities in future in the big arena. Vice Chancellor (In charge), Gujarat Ayurved University & Director of ITRA Dr. Prof. AnupThakar has welcomed all the guests and taken them to each and every stall of the Expo and explained the background and activities of every department of ITRA.

There were 42 stalls installed in the Exhibition dome and 21 stalls at Mega Camp dome for Patients OPD purpose for all the 4 days of the event. Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical companies and stores in and around the Jamnagar were also taken part in display and Sale of their wide range of Products. Ayurvedic Food Festival conducted in 12 stalls with Traditional and forgotten recipes of Foods such as RagiIdli, Hot Dhaniya Shots, Cereal and Ragi Soup, ayurvedicbhel, curcumin chocolates, BrahmiSharbat, Drumstick leaves mixed Thepla, Amla Jam, Papaya Barfi and etc. Overall 22 different live food items and 34 packed items were kept under selling in the everyday of expo; approximately 10,000 Visitors were shown interest in tasting the items in the food festival area seating facility, as an extra attraction.

Approximately 50,000 visitors of Jamnagar and nearby places visited the stalls during 4 days and given a huge response for good initiative taken by ITRA. Nearly 12 Institutional (Schools and professional Colleges) Students also visited Ayurveda Health Expo 2021. ITRA also conducted the Mega Camp for the Common ailments to patients, during 4 days total 7535 patients registered of various ailments were diagnosed and provided medicine, Blood pressure and Blood sugar of 2193 persons was checked whereas hemoglobin of 537 persons was also checked during this mega camp without any charges. Similarly, in the camp area there was a free Distribution of Samsamnavati/ Guduchighanavati (Ayush-64) bottlesfor the duration of entire month as a prophylactic medicine to the interested and registered visitors (2710) for protection from the current spreading Corona-19 Pandemic virus. Like as every time in this expo also Institution planned in advance and grown the Medicinal Plants to distribute for visitors of Expo. Total 3484 Medicinal plants such as such as Guduchi (Tinosporacordifolia), Ashoka (Saracaasoca), Asthishrinkhala (CissusQuadrangularis), Bibhitaki (Terminaliaberecilla), Tulasi (Ocimum sanctum), Kumari (Aloe Vera), Vasa (Adhatodavasica) were distributed with all details to the interested Expo Visitors. There were approximately 55,000 cups of different Health Drinkson different days were distributed to the Visitors of Expo in 4 days duration without cost.

During the expo, visitors had the opportunity to collect information on Basic Health tips regarding the Food Materials, Nutritive and Medicinal Values of the foods, Tips on Yoga and Rejuvenation of body through Panchakarma and visitors also has the choice to know their Prakriti according to Ayurveda through PrakritiParikshana done by Basic Principles Department of ITRA. Around, 938 visitors assessed their type of prakriti by questionnaire assessment according to ayurveda. From the Department of Kaumarabhritya there was a free distribution of Nutritive Biscuits and Candy made up with Ayurvedic medicines as ingredients to the children below the 15 years age group, around 1000 packs were distributed in the entire duration. Two Big Size LED Screens were installed in the expo area to show the developments in the Ayush sector and Ministry of Ayush initiatives along with ITRA departments exclusively made Videos on several diseases and precautionary for understanding of common people. 2 Selfie Points were arranged to the visitors by writing the “I LOVE AYURVEDA” and “I LOVE GILOY” to promote and send a message to the society about the day by day growing followers of ayurvedic systems.

In keeping the view of current omicron variant spreading and Covid-19 pandemic situation we regularly sanitized the whole expo area and materials thrice daily during the entire 4 days and strictly maintained the “NO MASK NO ENTRY” at the entrance of the Expo and Thermal Checking of each and every visitor without fail and kept the availability of Hand Sanitizers and Masks in the entire dome area for visitors. Overall, the Ayurveda Health Expo-2021 was an Educative, informative and engaged the Public in gathering of Knowledge in Ayurveda for 4 days. We considering this Expo is Grand Successful event on the basis of feedback received from the Huge crowd and Print, Electronic and social media platforms.

Ayurveda Health Expo 2021

ITRA, Jamnagar

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Coordinator, Core committee

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