Department of Prasuti Tantra and Stri Roga

The Department, established as independent one in 2006 is involved in imparting teaching, clinical training and research activities in Prasuti Tantra (Obstetrics) and Streeroga (Gynaecology).

The faculty of Streeroga deals with management of Artava Vyapad (Menstrual disorders), Yoni Vyapad (Female reproductive tract disorders), Stana Roga (Breast diseases) and Vandhyatva (Infertility) and Jara janya vyadhi (menopausal syndrome) and its management, while Prasuti tantra deals with Garbhadhana Sanskara (Pre-conceptional care), Garbhini Paricharya (Antenatal care), Prasava Paricharya (Labour care) and Sootika Paricharya (Puerperal care). Prasuti tantra also concerned with Garbha Pratibandhaka Yogas (Contraceptive measures). Weekly Supraja classes are also organized by the Department for antenatal patients. The department is involved in providing demonstrations to three months short term training programme for foreigners.

Name Designation Qualification
1 Prof. Laxmipriya Dei Professor & Head M.D. (Ayu), Ph.D.
2 Prof. Shilpakumari Bipinchandra Donga Professor M.D. (Ayu), Ph.D.
3 Vd. Neha Pandya Professor MD (Ayu), Ph.D
4 Vd. Hetal P. Baraiya Reader MD (Ayu), Ph.D
5 Dr. Sipika Swati Assistant Professor M.D. (Ayu)
6 Dr. Grishma Navnitlal Solanki Lecturer BAMS, M. S. (ayu)
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