Department of ShalakyaTantra

Shalakya Tantra is an important specialty of Ashtanga Ayurveda mainly dealing with the sense organs situated above the neck along with the seat of life, the head. Ophthalmology, Otorhino-laryngiology and Oro-Dental branches of today’s parlance are the jurisdiction areas of this branch of life science. PG degree course in this specialty is being run since 1982; which became the first institute in country to confer this degree. In 2006, Department of Shalakya Tantra came into independent existence in this Institute. Since very beginning, department is actively engaged in the classical / literary, practical and research activities and till date (March 2021), 107 M.D./M.S. (Post Graduates) and 28 Ph.D. doctors have qualified from this department and awarded degree by Gujarat Ayurved University, Jamnagar.

Ophthalmic Unit of this department has well equipped OPD and there are three refraction units. Department is a well equipped with modern tools i.e. refraction chair unit having slit lamp, slit lamp biomicroscopy, fundus examination by fundus camera and fundus fluorescence angiography (FFA); schiotz and applanation tonometry, Leratometry, A–Scanning, nasal endoscopy are functional. Oro-dental unit and first specialty clinics viz. Retina Clinic is running successfully under aegis of the department of Shalakya Tantra.

A well equipped Eye and ENT O.T. is functional in the hospital under this department. Major surgical procedures like cataract, glaucoma, lid repair, pterygium, tympanoplasty etc. are being done. Carl-Zies operating microscope is available in the operation theatre and manual small incision cataract surgery is the routine practice as the operative procedure under aseptic conditions.

Name Designation Qualification
1 Dr. D. B. Vaghela Associate Professor & I/c Head M.D. (Ayu), Ph.D.
2 Rajshree Unadkat Reader M. S. (Ayu.), Ph. D.
3 Dr. Deepak K. Pawar Assistant Professor M.S. (Ayu.), Ph.D.
4 Vd. Achyuta Girdharbhai Atara Lecturer M.S. (Ayu.), Ph. D.

Vision and Mission – Shalakya Tantra Department, ITRA, Jamnagar.


  • To develop highly qualified professional leaders in Shalakya Tantra specialty and health care systems enriched with excellent skills in clinical diagnosis and management, communication, research and services enabling them to get connected to global opportunities.


  • To educate and develop competent, ethically sound and socially responsible Shalakya experts.
  • To produce trained professionals for diagnosis and management of Ophthalmic, ENT and Dental disorders.
  • To produce proficient experts in Clinical application of Kriya Kalpa and other therapeutic procedures.
  • To provide skillful training to scholar’s in Ashtawidhashastrakarma.
  • To carry out quality research work in the areas of metabolic and life style disorders related to Shalakya specialty.
  • To carry out quality research work in collaboration with outstanding national and international university and research organization of repute.
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