Department of Shalya Tantra

Department of Shalya tantra is dealing with teaching, training and clinical researches in surgical and para-surgical activities regularly. These activities and clinical research works are being conducted at OPD and IPD, ARC, wound care unit (WCU), operation theatre level for PG and PhD scholars of the department. Visiting surgeons and anesthetists are also providing their services as classroom teaching, clinical demonstration and surgical procedure demonstration. They also provide their services during emergencies particularly during and post-operative period in emergency situations. The fundamental of Shalya tantra and practicals on Ksharakarma, Agnikarma, Raktamokshan and Vrana karma are demonstrated to the international scholars time to time under surgical, para-surgical, Shasthi Upakarma procedures.

Two OPDs among them one OPD of Shalya tantra and another OPD for Asthi Sandhi Marmagata Roga (Orthopedic OPD) are being working in the dept with good number of patients. Wound care unit (WCU) was started from 2015 and functioning well with successful management of non- healing wounds like diabetic wounds, venous ulcers, arterial ulcers, trophic ulcers, etc. Apart from these surgical and para-surgical procedures laparoscopic surgeries are being done in OT time to time. The research cases of urinary system (BPH, urethral stricture, neurogenic bladder) are being assessed by using Uroflometer to generate evidence in urology clinical research.

Name Designation Qualification
1 Dr. Dudhamal Tukaram Sambhaji Associate Professor & I/c Head MS (Ayu), PhD (Ayu)
2 Dr. Pashmina Joshi Reader M.S. (Ayu)
3 Meghani Yogeshkumar Rashikbhai Lecturer M.S. (Ayu)