Facilities in ITRA- Pharmacy

The in-house pharmacy is a 53 years old unit engaged in the manufacturing of various authentic formulations of Ayurveda medicines.Under the unprecedentedleadership of Padmashri Vaidya Shri Rajesh Kotecha, upgradation of pharmacy with newer infrastructure, instrumentation and facilities was done in the year 2016. The inauguration of which was done by Deputy Chief Minister of Gujarat, Shri Nitinbhai Patel. Upon centralization in 2020, the pharmacy was handed over by Gujarat Ayurved University to Institute of Teaching and Research in Ayurveda.

The pharmacy has separate sections for preparation of Churna (Powder), Pills (Guti & vati), Tablets, Capsules, Kupikuthar and Ointments. It also harbors a raw drug store and finished drug store.

Following the principles of बहुकल्पंबहुगुणंसम्पन्नंयोग्यमौषधम्॥ ( वा.सु.१) , the in-house pharmacy has been established to provide genuine and quality drugs to the OPD and IPD patients of UG and PG hospitals. The pharmacy manufactures annually more than 200 different OPD-IPD and M.D., M. Pharm. and Ph.D. research drugs. All these medicines are preservatives free and made from the best of the selected raw materials.

The following are the instruments available under various sections of drug manufacturing in the pharmacy.

Name of Machine / Equipments Number of Units
16 Stn. Rotary  Tabletting Machine 1
Multi Mill 2
Coating & Polishing Pan 1
Mini Blister Packing Machine(Including Air Compressor & Water cooler) 1
End Runner 3
Edge Runner 5
Pills Cutting Machine 4
Pills Polishing Machine 1
Stick Making Machine 1
Electric Oven 2
Mass Mixer Machine 2
Semi Automatic Tube Filling Machine 1
Pouch Packing Machine 1
High Speed Semi Automatic Capsule Filling Machine 1
Liquid Filling Machine 1
High Speed Semi Automatic Bottle Washing Machine 1
Reaction Cum Distillation Unit 1
Vacuum System With Cooling  Tower 1
Shifter  20” 1
Shifter  30” 1
Hammer Mill 1
Cone Mill 1
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