Hospital Services

Institute of Teaching and Research in Ayurveda (ITRA) Hospitals

ITRA is the prime Ayurveda institute and having two functional hospitals under the heading of PG ITRA and UG ITRA hospitals.

The main objective of the Hospitals is to provide medical care through Ayurvedic System of Medicine to the suffering humanity through its OPD, IPD, Panchakarma Therapies, Clinical Laboratories, Specialty Clinics, extension OPDs and Medical Camps.

Facilities like Pathological Tests, Bio-chemical Tests, X-ray, ECG, Ultra Sound, Spirometery, Dental, Geriatric Unit, Dietary Unit, Eye diseases, ENT related disorders, Orthopedic Unit, Pediatric Unit, TvakaRoga Clinic, Treatment of Anorectal, Jalokavacharan, Agnikarma, Asti SandhiBhagna clinic, Pregnancy Test, etc. are available for various ailments in both hospitals. There is aseparate Ambulance available in the hospitals to take care of patients in emergency situation.

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