Vision & Mission


To be an Institution par excellence with the highest standards of education, training, research, and health care through Ayurveda and allied sciences.


  • To serve as custodian and propagate the knowledge of Ayurveda and Allied health sciences globally
  • To foster academic excellence and global competencies among students and researchers through quality education, training and research in Ayurveda and allied sciences.
  • To create an environment for the generation of new knowledge through meaningful research adopting advanced methods of pedagogy and incorporating modern principles of academics integrated with highest ethical standards.
  • To provide highest standard of comprehensive Ayurveda health care to community


  1. To be at the forefront of innovation by consistently updating curriculum, course content and practices enabling the students of Ayurveda and allied sciences to be competent and well versed so as to demonstrate high standards of Ayurveda education to all Ayurveda and allied science colleges.
  2. To bring together in one place educational and research facilities of the highest order for the training of personnel in all important branches of Ayurveda and allied sciences.
  3. To conduct interdisciplinary and collaborative research incorporating advances of basic sciences focused on validation and apprising of fundamental principles, safety and efficacy therapeutic approaches of Ayurveda and to enrich Ayurveda pharmacopeia and formularies through evidence-based research.
  4. To cater to national and global health care needs, especially in wellness, health promotion, prevention and management of diseases through Ayurveda and Yoga and mainstreaming of Ayurveda in the public health domain.
  5. To extendhealth services to the community for building a healthy, empowered and sustainable society


  1. Undergraduate, postgraduate and need-based courses in Ayurveda, Pharmacy, Yoga, Naturopathy, Medicinal Plants, Medical astrology, Pashu Ayurveda, and Vriksha Ayurveda for national and international students.
  2. Provide skilled human resources for education, research, health care and pharma in Ayurveda and develop technologists to respond to the professional needs of the society through the incubation centre.
  3. Contributes referrals to Ayurveda hospital and nodal centre for telemedicine for Ayurveda.
  4. Develop an advanced state-of-the-art research centre to carry out collaborative research along with national and international repute organizations to explore and validate Ayurveda claims and principles.
  5. Take up extension and outreach programs to serve the community in the health-related area
  6. Provide information to the international community for education by establishing the International Centre for Ayurveda and Allied Sciences.
  7. Establishment of an Ayurveda drug repository and a state of the art of Ayurveda Pharmacy.

The core values:

The core values adopted by the Institute as enduring principles are Leadership, Integrity, Excellence, Accountability, Transparency, and Empathy.

Leadership: Be a Role model in Ayurveda education, health care and research.

Integrity: Research and teaching shall be carried out in an environment of academic freedom and honesty. The Institute will adhere to the highest standards of ethics in all its activities.

Excellence: The Institute is committed to excellence in all spheres of its activities, and through internal and external reviews, will work towards continuous improvement. The Institute will recognize exceptional efforts through awards and honours.

To create a safe, comprehensive and quality patient-centric healthcare delivery system that is accessible and affordable to all.

Accountability:ITRA, Jamnagar an Institute of National Importance established by an Act of Parliament, has been a recipient of public funds and recognizes that it is accountable to the people of India (through the Ministry of AYUSH and Governing Body of ITRA) and to all its immediate stakeholders including students, staff, faculty, and patients.

Transparency:The Institute will function according to defined procedures and rules, which will be informed to all stakeholders. The Institute will make public all important information related to its functioning.

Empathy: An awareness of health promotion and wellness and providing appropriate health care solutions to the community will be an integral part of the treatment, research and education programs of the Institute.

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