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Special secretary @moayush Sh Pramodkumar Pathakji formally launched a podcast channel of ITRA, Jammagar recently.

ITRA family is happy to announce the broadcast of the first lecture series.

Prof. C P Shukla, former Dean of the Institute lives in the heart of every Ayurveda Scholar.He is known as ‘Charaka Vaidya’ for his profound knowledge of Charaka Samhita, and his expertise in putting it to practice.
Prof Shukla was very keen on reading Charaka as quoted “Interpretation of sutras is a very basic but important aspect of understanding Ayurveda. Most pathogenetic processes are clearly mentioned in the classics”.

He strongly supported the use of modern techniques for diagnosis. “Interpretation of these techniques within the Ayurvedic paradigm is what is ultimately required. Minute considerations of Doshas, Gunas and their combinations help in precise diagnosis and results of treatment.
After retirement he used to teach MD PhD scholars of the institute. One such series of his lectures was recorded by then MD student Joorawon Sudhir and preserved as per recorded cassettes. Later they were converted into DVD under the guidance of Prof Anup Thakar and the help of Neha Tank Modha

This entire series has 36 episodes.

The DVD was released during the Foundation Day of Institution on 20-21, July, 2018.

The lecture series has the following topics:

Udararoga, Hridroga, Renal Disorders, Deepana Pachana

Research in Ayurveda

Skin diseases in Ayurveda

Methods of diagnosis – Gulma, Grahani, Hridrgoga etc

Ahar Vidhividhan


Psychosomatic disorder

Srotas etc

Vata Vyadhi

Langhana Brumhana etc.

Discussion on Facial palsy etc

Discussion on Jwara, Visarpa , Jwara complications etc

Concept of Pandu and blood disorders.

This series is now available on


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