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listen / download audio lectures (in MP3 form) of Prof CP Shukla Sir, famous and eminent Ayurveda teacher and physician of Institute for Post Graduate Teaching & Research in Ayurveda, Gujarat Ayurved University, Jamnagar, Gujarat, India.


Prof Shukla Sir was celebrated practitioner who is known as Walking Charaka and he was extremely well read in modern medicine too. I believe that young generation will get good guidance and inspiration to learn, analysis and become great Ayurveda Practitioner.The DVD was released during the Foundation Day of Gujarat Ayurveda University on 20-21, July, 2018.

Lecture series has following topics:

1. Udararoga, Hridroga, Renal Disorders, Deepana Pachana
2. Research in Ayurveda
3, Skin disease
4. Methods of diagnosis – Gulma, Grahani
5. Hridrgoga etc
6. Ahar Vidhividhan
7. Apasmar
8. Psychosomatic disorder
9. Srotas etc
10. Vata Vyadhi
11. Langhana etc
12. Facial palsy etc
13. Jwara etc
14. Visarpa etc
15. Jwara complications etc
16. Role of iron in Pandu
17. Pandu Kamala etc

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